After reviewing the readings for this week, I found that I spent the most time scrolling through the Twitter feed of @ANAGRAMATRON. This bot finds and stores tweets until it locates an anagram of that tweet, whereupon it then publishes the two in direct succession as a pair.

As a writer, I’m a sucker for word play, and I find that anagrams are best used when they create a type of juxtaposition against two results. This isn’t always the case with @ANAGRAMATRON’s tweets given the randomness of its search results. However, every once in a while you find a duo of tweets that form a unique conversation – a witty call-and-response created in the random chaos of the tweetstorm.

Sometimes these duos aren’t witty, but revelatory. My favorite discovery was this duo below. Who would have thought that such a cruel arrangement of letters could be regrouped into such an inspiring quip. This ability to point out the transformative potential of letters and words is what makes @ANAGRAMATRON not just a bot, but a poetic artwork.