Safinah Ali

21 Jan 2016

A Twitter bot I find super interesting is the @NYTMinusContext bot. The bot basically picks parts lines from The New York Times articles and tweets these incomplete lines. These tweets lack context because the contextual nouns are often removed from the sentence. The tweets are especially hilarious at times such as this one:

Some make you go like, “WHAT!”

I also find it interesting that the tweets are more relatable to recent events, since it is taking content from recent NYT articles. Sometimes, the tweets are especially intriguing, and I wonder what that could possibly be a part of, and find myself looking for the article, like this tweet:

I find this bot brilliant since it always makes me think how lines stripped off from their context make so little sense, or an entirely different sense. It’s intriguing how language semantics work in and out of context. All in all, I find this Twitter bot humorous, relevant and brilliant!