Zaria Howard

13 Jan 2016


Textue Pragma

Textue Silver

This artist (whose name I cannot find for some reason) does exactly the kind of work that I thought I’d be doing my freshman year of college, if you click the link you’ll see precisely the type of art that I had hoped one day to create and then become famous for. Computer generated, personalized portraits are like the perfect combination of my background in painting portraits and the new journey I am entering with code. I find it interesting because now I have a frame of reference for what these ideas I had would look like if i had realized them; I had never taken the time to do this myself. Where I would take it one step further is to have the portraits constantly evolving and living based off of data such as location or social media activity, data that paints its own portrait of a person.

The Camera Anaglyph add-on helps you render things in red and cyan for 3D viewing. This becomes interesting when you have the opportunity to view things in 360 degrees because then it steps into that area of virtual reality but in a simpler way that is more possible within the scope of this class. I think i’d be more likely to use it in data vis and graphing. Although this sounds simple, being able to look at a plot on the X-Y-Z space as opposed to the typical 2D space and experiencing the depth instead of squinting to make sure you’re looking at the image correctly goes a long way in understanding information. And if we had it so that the information gathered changed over time, we’d be looking at a living breathing graph right in front of our eyes, so close that we could touch it.