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Ahhh – of Flanagan’s propositions I believe that the one which most closely aligns with my own goals as an artist at the moment would likely be the third one (particularly with the senior project I’ve been working on) though I am interested greatly in a key aspect of what seems to define the second proposition (namely the idea of play itself acting as a medium for a type of subversion and the idea of ignoring play-ability which is refreshingly at odds with my practice in HCI).

I don’t really understand yet or have a broad category to define what I am criticizing just because that seems to me to be something so fluid at the moment that it’s ultimately quite silly to try and define, but I gravitate towards the concept of again utilizing clever user experience design ideas  in order to engage in an interactive piece. In particular I think that using this as a means of encouraging users to dwell on an experience of play and “find new meaning in the changes in interaction and experience that critical play provides” (page) as Flanagan puts it just about sums up my reason for interest in creating pieces that engage in this narrative.