geebo – tricorder check-in

I’m working on a camera that uses computer vision to constrain what can be captured to something very specific. I also thought that this would be a good excuse to learn CoreML and take advantage of the Neural Engine inside iPhone to run the models at good frame rates.

I first started by creating an application that can only takes pictures of dogs, but I want to move the classification to a much more niche and specific topic. One area that I’m especially interested in taking this specific camera is being able to determine if a photo that I’m about to take will do well on a specific sub-reddit or My next step is to scrape some of these social websites and compare images that are upvoted to the front page vs those that are not and see if I can build a camera app that only will take photos of things that would end up being upvoted.

Here you can see a react native app I’ve prototyped that runs the MobileNet on CoreML.