1. Utsukushiki Tennen by Romane Granger

This is the first part of my looking outwards. It’s an experimental animation made with stop motion. Her other works are done with clay, and this one is likely done with clay as well but I’m not certain. Overall I’m not a huge fan of her work. I think it’s just not something I particularly enjoy watching as someone who prefers narrative over abstraction and also dislikes watching videos out of impatience, but there are really interesting movements and moments in them that I find inspiring for the telematic art project. This project of hers seems less polished overall than her other pieces, such as Ocean Blues #1, but this one has more relevant movements.

2. Flower gifs by Anna Taberko

These are gifs made by Anna Taberko (https://www.instagram.com/anna.taberko/). I like these for similar reasons as the first piece I listed, juicy movements. There’s good easing motions too. I guess my critique for this is then that the colors used are okay but not great. These are made frame by frame using Photoshop and After Effects. Their entire body of work (on instagram at least) just seems to be these zoetropic looping gifs, mostly of flowers, which is cool and good for branding I guess, but a bit boring after a few.