Change of plans. Trying to make custom shader code for Unreal has proven a mild nightmare. I’ll keep working on that slowly but my final project will just be fixing up my drawing assignment. I’d like to make the comparison algorithm less bad and maybe add a clickable UI instead of all keyboard presses and also fix whatever bug is making it crash any mac computer I run it on.

For my final project I’d like to work on a project I’ve been doing as an Independent Study. I’m implementing the paper, “Art Directed Watercolor Stylizations of 3D Animations in Real-time”. Currently only a Maya implementation exists, so I’ve been working to make and release code so that people can use the watercolor style on their games. I’ve mostly completed a C++ implementation, and I’d like to make an implementation for Unreal Engine as my final project for this class (I got permission from my advisor, Jim McCann already). I’m also in the process of documenting my project so far and making a poster for Meeting of the Minds.