tli-telematic (check-in)

My telematic project is an online cairn where visitors collectively write a poem by adding or modifying lines of prose. Each line has a fixed last word that either rhymes with the previous line’s last word or does not. This app is implemented on using JQuery,, Sequelize, and possibly Rita.js.

So far I have set up the networking and database interactions as well as the webpage styling, but I am stuck on the details of how to design this idea. A couple variations I have in mind include:

      • A grid-based cairn. Internally, lines are stored in a 2D grid where one axis represents the depth of rhymes and the depth of non-rhymes. Each visitor would start at with the line at (0,0) and add to their poem by choosing whether the next line should rhyme or not rhyme. When the visitor stumbles across an empty cell in the matrix, the visitor can create a line at that location. The visitor may choose to print the poem generated by the traversal through the matrix.
      • A cairn with only 10 or so lines. Visitors can write (or rewrite) the text leading up to the last word of a line. Visitors can alternatively toggle the last word of a line. Each visitor may only do one of these two actions.

I think the latter idea is both more interesting and easier to implement, but the more I think about this the more alternatives pop up in my head. Regardless, I will probably advance this project in the second direction.