4.4: Expressive Environments Homeplay

4.4. Assignment: Expressive Environment Homeplay

(Due Thursday, 4/13; 90 minutes.)

Homeplay = homework, but playing. Below are some short first-person games and immersive experiences made by solo developers, artists or small teams. (This selection has been curated for you by Prof. Paolo Pedercini.) In this assignment, you will familiarize yourself with these projects in order to compile a small vocabulary of inspirational techniques. Now:

  • Select 3 projects (games) from the list below to play. You can use the YouTube trailers to help you decide which ones you want to actually experience.
  • Download these projects (games) from the provided links, and actually play them (i.e. don’t just watch the YouTube trailer; feel what it’s like to experience these immersive environments).
  • For each project (game), write a one-paragraph response (i.e. 100-150 words) in which you analyze a specific aspect of it that could be useful or inspiring for a project of your own. (It’s OK if you don’t understand how something is done.)
  • Post your three paragraphs to a message in the Discord channel, #4-4-Homeplay.
  • (Don’t forget to) mention which projects (games) you selected for consideration.

Songs of the lost – Paloma Dawkins Jlin and collab

Neo brutalism of tomorrow – Moshe Linke

That night steeped by blood river – Taylor Swietanski (2020)

Interminal by Ivan Notaroš

0N0W by colorfiction

Alien Caseno – Grace Bruxner

Gameworkers and guildworkers – by Spekwork

Anatomy by kitty horrorshow

Rainy Season by Rainy Season by Inasa Fujio

Even in Arcadia by Phoebe Shalloway

A museum of Dubious Splendor by Studio Oleomingus

Bellular Hexatosis by Neotenomie and Porpentine

Orchids to Dusk by pol clarissou

I am not what remains by ompuco

Curtain by dreamfeel

If we were allowed to visit by Ian MacLarty

Sacramento by dziff (Delphine Fourneau)

How Fish is Made by Johanna Kasurinen, Jeffrey Tomec, Martin Halldin

Apartment by Kalonica Quigley

قلبي قلبكم (My Heart is Your Heart) by Mohamed Chamas

LCD Dream Escalator by msb, alto, gn0cchi

Atuel by Matajuegos

The Zium Gallery by various artists

The Zium Garden by various artists

The Zium Museum by various artists