Ward Penney – Looking Outwards2 – AirCord Holographic iPad

by Ward Penney @ 8:44 pm 10 January 2011
AirCord Holographic iPad

AirCord Holographic iPad

Over at CreativeApplications.net, a team from AirCord has brought the iPad into the third dimension. By placing a glass prism with a special film on top of an iPad running a split-screen app written in Open Frameworks, the team creates a hologram viewable from all angles. I find it interesting how they calculated the angles and properly rendered the image three times on the iPad, so each face of the prism would reflect the appropriate view. I also think it’s really interesting to see someone improving so drastically on an already amazing and popular device.


Although the prism still allowed the team to use the iPad’s microphone, it totally obscured the touchscreen. If they could somehow make the faces of the prism touch sensitive like the iPad screen, that would be something even more amazing.

This project suggests that the iPad, could be used as engaging 3D presentation tool – especially on a table with people gathered around it.

– Ward

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