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by Shawn Sims @ 2:07 am 12 January 2011

Green Cloud is a project by Nuage Vert and is is designed to bring an awareness to the community of Ruoholahti, Helsinki. A series of high power green lasers were used in conjunction with heat tracking cameras and software to highlight and trace the smoke/pollution coming from a local smoke stack. The project is surprisingly powerful in its ability to take something anyone who has lived in a city has taken for granted. They call out something that is generally lost in the chaos of a metropolis in a technologically clever way. The end result is a kinetic projection of the city’s own consumption of power.

“This is the effect of 4,000 residents and 5 large scale companies in Ruoholahti participating the Unplug event. Since Salmisaari substation also measures energy consumed also by those living in Lauttasaari, which includes over 30,000 residents, this is a very successful result! ”

find more about this project here

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