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by Shawn Sims @ 3:13 am 12 January 2011

Dirk van der Kooij is a recent graduate from the Design Academy of Eindhoven where he began to investigate the potential for robotic fabrication and 3d printing to be coupled and to produce full scale furniture. Unlike much of the work done on these machines, this hints at an extremely fertile territory of design, interaction, and process. Currently, 3d printers are limited in scale because of the technologies and cost. They also take quite a bit of time even to produce desktop size objects. As this research hints, we may soon be able to download a file and print our own furniture and objects. I beleive this area of research is extremely important because automated manufacturing is becoming more viable as it leaves the manufacturing lines and enters our schools and even homes. The next step is to take a critical stance as to what these tools will be making and how we as designers may go about creating design process’ that incorporate these new tools and a new design philosophy that comes along with it.

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