Ward Penney – Infoviz, Possible Sources

by Ward Penney @ 9:13 pm 16 January 2011

Google nGram

Google Labs launched the nGram Viewer, which allows you to search their archived books for keyword frequency. People have had fun with it so far, comparing words like “phone, computer”, but the important thing is they provide the data to you in a raw format. I could compare analysis of different words against each other over time.

UFO Sightings and Descriptions

I found a collection of 60,000 UFO sightings in database format. Keywords and craft descriptors are listed per article. I could visually display what features are most described by them. I could create a UFO with those features, proportional by their mention.

US Diplomatic Cables

I have the US Diplomatic Cables released by WikiLeaks, and could do some word frequency analysis on them. Probably picking out a few keywords and displaying their frequency over time.

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