Timothy Sherman – Potential Sources – Data Visualization

by Timothy Sherman @ 1:17 am 17 January 2011

1. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board is the voluntary regulatory organization for computer and video games. They assign each game a rating, and describe the content that causes it to receive such a rating. While submitting a game for review to the ESRB is a completely voluntary process, most brick-and-mortar retailers and all major console-producing companies (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) will not sell or allow any non-ESRB rated game to be published on their system – or any game that receives a rating of Adults Only. The rating data for the ESRB would be something interesting to visualize, as it shows what we as a society consider inappropriate for those of certain ages. It could be interesting to visualize this information in the form of a game as well.

2. Get all of the text off of the CMU admissions site and perform a word frequency analysis. I think it could be interesting to view how the school advertises itself and see how it meshes with our own view of life at this school.

3. Go to various illegal music sharing blogs and get data based on what music they upload and make available for download based on the tags of their music. Using stats on how many people download it (available from some sites), and what files end up getting removed for copyright reasons could provide additional information. I think it would be interesting to visualize what and how we steal.

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  1. I’d suggest you check out Golan’s Admitulator, a student application visualization and The Pirate Wizard a project visualizing Pirate Bay torrent data. The interactive application for the Pirate Wizard is not currently online, but I’m bugging one of the guys who made it …

    Comment by Dan Wilcox — 24 January 2011 @ 3:40 pm

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