by huaishup @ 2:58 pm 27 February 2011

3. mis.shap.en.ness [Processing]

“mis.shap.en.ness are the latest experiments by Reza Ali who we have covered on CAN a number of times in the past. The images below were created with a processing utilizing springs and particles. The program allows you to enter a string, then that string’s type is traced out, rendering its outline. Using the outlines consisting of points allow these points to be transformed into particles, connected (via springs) to other particles in their proximity creating mesmerising effects of leaking geometry.”


This is a beautiful project that allow you to generate unexpected pattern from input characters.


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  1. This looks pretty cool! :)

    Comment by Marynel Vázquez — 8 March 2011 @ 5:14 am

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