Sam Lavery – Final Project – Ideas

by sam @ 10:02 pm 2 April 2012

Revisit mapping wifi

I would like the opportunity to revisit my data visualization project (an interactive map of wifi names). With a month to work further on this project I could improve the aesthetics and performance, possibly making the visualization available in an online format. It would also be nice to gather more data for the project and work on different ways of sorting the data. I could use this as an opportunity to work in openFrameworks.

screenshot from my project 2

Augmented Reality Homestead Steel Works

For my BXA capstone project I am creating an interactive historic interpretation of the Homestead Steel Works and Carrie Furnace using webpage-linked QR codes. I had been hoping to create a mobile augmented reality experience, overlaying 3d models of the former industrial buildings onto the current site, but the technology is too difficult for me and not very robust. If I moved to a laptop-based system using openFrameworks or pointcloud, I think I could produce something that resembles my original plan. I have already produced a lot of the 3d models and would want to use markerless augmented reality because the scale is so large (the entire waterfront shopping center). This would be a good opportunity to learn a lot about computer vision and augmented reality, two things I am very interested in.


something like that but with steel mills!

Physical Data Visualization

I have been thinking about physical visualizations of digital data and how this approach could be really novel and fun in a world full of 2d displays. My plan for this project is to use real-time bus schedule data to drive a physical display reminiscent of the horse racing games you often see at carnivals. The mechanical buses would display their route and eta and would all inch forward along a track, mimicking the actual movements of the buses in real life.


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