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LookingOutwards — mark_strelow @ 11:37 am

Similar to the BeatBearing project I chose last time, this is an Arduino-based project that produces music based on user input. It is called Arduinome because it is based off a previous project called “64 Monome,” that has been recreated to involve the use of the Arduino. Simply put, buttons are turned on or off when they are pressed, and the row in which a pressed button exists determines what sound is output as the timer moves across that column. I think the design is very simple and, in the same way as BeatBearing, will continue to produce the beat after it is determined.

Using Control and OSC, this project is able to control the display on a the glass block window using an android tablet. I think the ability to use pre-recorded displays and also allow the user to draw the desired output is a cool concept, and the interface is so simple that it makes it easy for anyone to draw with it. Comparing this project with the Arduinome, the grid interface is very similar, yet one produces a visual display and the other an audio display. Perhaps these works could be combined together in some way. What is interesting about this project (in addition to it’s use of the tablet interaction) is that the person who made the OCS interaction seemed to be building off code that was already out there, and simply updating it for this interactive use. It comes from “Hive13,” which is a Cincinnati-based “Hackerspace” community.

This project also seemed relevant to what we have been talking about in terms of the various uses for the Arduino. Using the Wi-Fi shield for the Arduino, the “Beeri” device checks Twitter for any new posts containing the word “pour.” If any are found, the car is activated to run, driving into the spike on the wall and pouring the bear into a conveniently placed cup. When multiple pour commands are found, the Beeri “pours drinks for all” according to the description, while in reality it freaks out and drives back and forth. While this part isn’t quite worked out (and the whole project doesn’t quite seem to make getting a beer more convenient) it is definitely a cool idea.



Arduinome: http://unitedstatesofdesign.com/arduinome/

Glass Block LED Matrix: http://wiki.hive13.org/Glass_Block_LED_Matrix

Beeri: http://redpepperland.tumblr.com/post/11730859389/have-siri-pour-you-a-beer


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