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Project — mark_strelow @ 1:07 pm

For this project I decided to try to make something that I would like to have some form of in every-day life. As explained in the video, people play and stream Starcraft online for other people to watch. This probably doesn’t sound very entertaining, but if you like Starcraft, certain streams can be very fun to watch. I created a program that would check on a popular Starcraft website called TeamLiquid to see who was streaming and then, when the button on the Arduino was pressed, post to twitter saying who was streaming. In addition, it is set up to check if one person in particular is streaming and turn on the light if they are.

Although it isn’t quite something that would be actually useful in its current form, if I updated it to work wirelessly and be very small, I could see it being something mildly useful to have, at least for a Starcraft fan.


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