My recipe:ifttt


Email myself world news. I really need to start getting more in touch with the rest of the world somehow, and this should make me be more motivated about it.

According to Thorp, API is a bridge between one piece of software to another. That is essentially IFTTT, which bridges single actions between two software to produce an overall useful or interesting function for the user. I felt that was also what Campbell’s Formula for Computer Art was illustrating – given an input, some background code “magically” converts it into a different output. The first time I read Thorp’s article, I felt I understood what he was saying, except for the part about art. In my mind, I always kept art, which I thought of as unique or aesthetically appealing visual expression, and useful tools, which I thought Thorp was describing about APIs in the majority of his article, in two separate categories. I checked out Pitch Interactive’s “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” project, which I thought was going to fall into the “useful tools” category, and was surprised at how visually appealing the moving lines that came together part on top of the timeline turned out. I think I now have an understanding of what Thorp meant by API being a bridge for art.


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