reasonably distanced ghost

For this, I had a tiny ghost character that would move away from you as you got closer and move forwards again as you came near, maintaining a pseudo-constant distance away from you. It blinks whenever you blink, relies on your scale and position on the screen to move itself around in a pseudo-3D space, and is relatively happy and cutesy.

This is a complete failure! Originally I really, really wanted a multi-eyed monster blob that blinked based on when the viewer did, and delayed the individual eye blinks so you got a visually appealing effect.

look at his beautiful, many eyes

Totally couldn’t get any sort of delay to work (I wrote a nifty little eye class in one of my previous sketches though, which was kind of exciting for me as I’ve tended to shy away from writing any sort of classes).

I have a working understand of classes and OSC now (as well as a continued appreciation for push/popMatrix), but I’m disappointed by the final sketch. I think it’s still pretty cute, but not really all that compelling or interesting. I’d really like to come back to this at some point and create something more like my original goal.

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