Swetha Kannan – Looking outwards – 2

Unnamed Sound Sculpture

Daniel Franke - unnamed soundsculpture

“Unnamed Sound Sculpture” by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer may be a piece that many of you have passed by as you were working on assignment four since it is one of the first few projects advertised on he processing home page. However, I would still like to give credit where it is due because this project was absolutely amazing to me. The way the sculpture was rendered seemed as if it was in an actual place and the sculpture itself seemed to take up more room than it’s location or even the computer screen would allow. The dance positions the sculpture posed in was striking because of the fragments of pixels seemingly falling of the subject. A few critiques I do have about the piece was that the video dramatized the piece so much so that I was not able to get away from the ‘computer’ feeling of the piece since the footage was so obviously edited. This may or may not be a good thing, however from reading the accompanying article, it looked to me as if they were focusing on the simplicity of the motion. therefore, it seemed illogical that their video featured flashing lights, revolving cameras, and thundering sounds.

This composition by Miquel Parera Jaques interested me because it has a delicate nature about it. The lines are small and thin enough that the piece looks as though it was drawn with a pencil. Unlike the last piece, simplicity was really the founding principal for this piece and has been carried out very successfully. The piece also has a lot of depth to it since I find myself getting lost in the lines that all seem to point to the same line/tip.  The form created by the lines seems architectural and thus appears to pop off the page.


This “Kiss Controller” by Hye Yeon Nam was hilarious! The concept was so ridiculous but at the same very charming; by attaching a wire to her tongue, Nam was able to play a virtual bowling bowl game by kissing. The motions and speed of her tongue affect controls in the game and thus she is able to knock down pins. This project strongly reminded me of (some) Japanese restrooms in which there are games that you can play while peeing (the strength and duration and aim of it are the controllers). I doubt that the player of this kissing game can even see the screen very well with your partner right in front of you. These sort of projects are so ridiculous that one has to laugh; they are nothing short of charming.



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