3D Monster Maze is a game made for the Sinclair Zx81 computer in 1981. It was programmed by Malcom Evans, based on an idea by J.K Greye. It was one of the first three-dimensional games for the home computer, and an early stepping stone to what would become the survival horror game genre.

The player walks around a maze trying to avoid a T. rex. Captions appear when it is nearby, which adds suspense and tension. The various captions that get more intense as the monster approaches make the player fear turning every corner of this otherwise boring maze.

What inspires me about this game is not the technical innovation, but the application of extremely limited and simple elements to create an immersive and captivating effect. Projects like this inspire me because they prove that it doesn’t take flashy graphics or a complicated narrative to make successful work, as long as the simple elements are tastefully arranged.


 I love how old game posters used to reimagine the blocky characters in detail like this.