Question 1A. First 20 pages

An example of something you like which exhibits effective complexity. 

Where does your selection sit between total order (e.g. crystal lattice) and total randomness (e.g. gas molecules, white noise, static).

Include an image which illustrates your selection.

Effective Limpet Voronoi Growth Patterns

Limpets are aquatic snails with a shell that are broadly conical in shape. They tend to pack into tight clusters on rock faces in coastal areas. Their behavior can be mathematically described as a Voronoi pattern, commonly seen in nature among species that thrive in packs.



Question 1B. Select one of these problems for which you yourself feel some sort of internal conflict or personal stake. Discuss your internal conflict. Which side of the argument do you come down on?


The Problem of Meaning: Can and should generative art be about more than generative systems?

The Problem of Intent: Why is the artist working with and ceding control to generative systems?

The Problem of Authorship: How do traditional views of authorship shift regarding credit, expression, and provenance?