conye – LookingOutwards07

There’s this new VR headset in Japan that has an arm attached to it so that the wearer can experience a cute Japanese girl feeding them candy in 4d.

I can’t handle the fact that this exists. I really want to try it, not because I want to experience a cute Asian girl feeding me candy, but because I want to experience how realistic it is. It’s kind of amazing that they managed to sync an arm to a VR headset and package it as a commercial product, and it’s even more amazing that they did it because there was (I think?) an apparent large demographic that would want this product. It’s such a one-dimensional product, I mean, imagine all the things they could’ve done with an arm and a VR headset and they come up with this? I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a few years so the idea of intimacy through digital means is super appealing to me. How many levels of removal are we willing to accept for the feeling of intimacy with someone? This video makes me want to build a bunch of creepy fake intimacy machines for a capstone project.