When I first gained interested in drawing, I really liked the pretty illustrations and only wished I could gain all the fancy drawing skills and make something like that one day. Today, being kinda an art student and being exposed to fine art all the time, I can appreciate what other people do to innovate and challenge conventions, and sometimes their new ideas do inspire me in my drawings. But I still remember my first and strongest motivation to draw, and for that I’m definitely heavily leaning toward a “Last Word Artist”, or aim to be one. I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of, because works of “Last Word” are built upon the previous artists’ experiences and failures to catch the majority’s eyes and entertain people, often to a degree not achieved by the earlier artists. That’s a pretty big achievement as well.

Aside from my standpoint as an artist, I believe that just like the emergence and evolvement of any tools in the past, convenience will eventually convince people to accept anything new and useful. However not everything new is useful, so for artists starting to adopt new technology as their medium, their work is like research for the benefit in the future and success is not guaranteed. Someone needs to be prepared to risk before becoming a “First Word Artist” working on cutting edge projects. For this reason, “aspire to make stuff of lasting importance” should always start as just an aspiration. If such risk is not affordable then he or she always has the option to be a “Last Word Artist”.