Looking back on my past artworks and the concepts for each of them, I see myself more towards the last word art. That is, I never spend so much time on discovering and analyzing the medium. Instead, I am a user of the medium that has been created, and I recreate things upon them. One major focus of my art practice is to "redesign" things. I like to redesign and remake objects that are overlooked in our daily interactions to bring a new level of novelty and meaning. For example, one of my previous works involves designing a travel guide brochure and making the destination in the brochure a fictional place. Moreover, I redesigned labels on t-shirts to create a narration from the product. For all these practices, I do not actively recreate the medium, I follow the rule that has been created, following the instructions in Illustrator and Photoshop, and following the conventional way of thread interacting with the cloth.

From what I have experienced, I believed that there is a double direction between the development of new technologies and our culture. On one hand, our interactions with each other and our behaviors have been modified and distorted through new technologies. For example, communication as a vital part of forming culture has been changed through the development of phones and the internet. We communicate more online instead of face-to-face. We also abandoned many rules in face-to-face communication and moved on to virtual communication. On the other hand, because of the changes in our behaviors, we have more needs in changing the way we live. And this is why many technologies were developed. This relationship is like an ongoing loop. Art, in comparison, also shared this type of relationship with technology. However, I feel like no matter how unstable the technology may become during the time, the concept is the one that should be preserved and valued. I am a person valued less towards the medium. Unless there is a very specific way of doing the work that drives me to interact with novel technology, I won't risk to let my ideas travel with it.