• Speculation: Facing the disputed value of digital, and the decaying matter, it actively plays with the digital detritus to investigate something new in the currency of the 21st century.
  • Spectacle: Seeing the decaying matter, it hates digital entropy and tries to escape it by building stable ground for value and profit.
  • "Text Rain" by Camille Utterback, in my opinion, is an example of Spectacle. I heard about this work when I was first introduced to Interactive Art. In my impression, "Text Rain" was considered as a representative of this stream of art. Therefore, I think it fulfills this idea of breaking through the stable ground which exists before it. In Warburton's term at 9'08'', I feel like this work lies nearer towards, acceleration, visibility, art, function. For surplus and waste, I am not really sure about its position.