I definitely agree with the thinking that there is both first word art and last word art. In my opinion, the two feed off of each other in a way. Variations of already "invented" last word art can evolve to maybe create first word art. Further studies into the field of first word art can generate new interest for new branches of art. The interest in something new and exciting appealing to new artists--the cycle continues.

The new technologies constantly arising may be revolutionary in innovation, convenience, or entertainment. Since those three fields have such dominance over everyone's lives, it is not surprising to see why technologies shape culture. For example, today's prevalence of convenient taxi systems such as Uber or Lyft have almost a culture of its own. Furthermore, technological development can also be shaped by culture. Using the same example as before, the culture today seems to be busier and faster than it used to be. There are always things to do and places to be. Inventions like the Uber was created directly to combat that; being affordable, able to get a ride quickly, and using a trustworthy review system.