Ars (Rockheim) - Feb 2012


This project by Marius Watz particularly caught my eye. It's a  generative video for the LED media facade of Norway's national museum of pop&rock. What makes it particularly compelling for me (as may be painfully obvious) is its direct link to architecture. I've rarely seen generative art being linked to built architecture before, and this one is particularly compelling. Not only because of the striking image it makes, but also because of the algorithm that generated it. It looks like Watz used a 2-D ribbon explosion (for the lack of a better word) algorithm in this project - which he then mapped onto the 3-D facade. The 2-D image has a certain animated quality about it which I think is partly the result of some stochastic process. This, combined with the multitude and composition of colors, makes the image very aesthetically pleasing to me - which then directly impacts the architecture.