For this Looking Outwards, I am focusing on the work of Glen Marshall. When browsing his gallery, I was immediately drawn to his music video for Clouds in Cloudless Skies (2014). Honestly, I think this is just because I really like cubes and squares. The music video shows travel through an infinite world, where cubes are constantly being generated. The generation of these cubes is different in each scene of the music video. I appreciate this because each scene has a different quality to it--in some scenes, cubes are disappearing and reappearing, and in others they are constantly being distorted. I think that the choice to have a theme between these scenes, yet make them distinct from each other, makes it more believable as a "world". Each scene follows a theme, yet they show different aspects of life with different generative methods. It is clear that Marshall used a large variety of algorithms to create this work.

As for effective complexity, it is clear that the cube shapes have a high amount of order. They are all perfect cubes of the same size that tessellate perfectly. However, there is a randomness in their patterns of creation and movement that makes it so believable as a living world.