Daniel Rozin has created many mechanical "mirrors" using video cameras, motion sensors, and motors to display people's reflections. I had seen the popular pompom mirror before, but I was interested to see the other mirrors he created. One mirror that I found interesting was the penguin mirror. Rather than facing the user directly, this mirror is flat on the ground and takes the shape of a projected shadow. As the user moves, the stuffed penguins turn so that their white bellies are showing. I really enjoy how Rozin uses his mirrors to take a simple shadow and turn it into a huge mechanized process.

I think that penguins were very fitting for this mirror, because the colors of the penguin allow for a transition between black and white as they turn. The appearance of a huge group of penguins together also gives the appearance of a penguin huddle. The sound of this mirror is  also very pleasant. As you move more, the clicking sound of all the penguins turning increases. There is something very soothing about listening to an army of penguins follow your movements.