Six-Forty by Four-Eeighty is an interactive installation by Marcelo Coehlo Studio in which physical square "pixels" can be rearranged on a "screen." The pixels respond to a user's touch, and although each pixel is an independent computer, they can send signals to each other through the user's body.
I like this project because I really like squares, and I think that it is very visually successful. I also like this project because it creates a new mechanic for something that we are used to seeing daily (pixels). The project describes itself as "physically immersing viewers into an interactive computing experience," which is a pretty accurate description. I think that the most successful aspect of this project is that it created a new language/medium that can be explored infinitely.
Marcelo Coehlo Studio also made a sequel, Resolution, which has the same concept but with circular units. Personally I prefer the effect of the square pixels, but I think it is interesting that they chose to do it since it represents different forms of media (newspaper halftones and older television screens).