Looking Outward Final Project

“Nomis is a musical instrument created with the aim of making loop based music more expressive and transparent through gesture and light.” For this project, the artist, Jonathan Sparks, uses Maxmsp to allow a viewer to became a music creator by using their hands to activate certain position on a circle and two vertical columns.

“Voice Lessons is an electronic, audio device that interrogates the popular myth that every musical instrument imitates the human voice. Touching the screen allows the participant to manipulate the visuals and vocalizations of the “voice teacher” as he recites vocal warm up exercises”  For this piece, even though we already have viewed it in class, is important to my final project because it engages the viewers hand movement in controlling the different aspects of  sound of the video.  These aspects include, speed, pitch, and vowel sound.  However, it is not as successful for me because the viewer is force to engage a screen and does not quite as free of a range of motion and I would like my piece to have.

“Move is a technology garment designed by Electricfoxy that guides you toward optimal performance and precision in movement in an ambient, precise, and beautiful way. “I chose this piece because I enjoyed how it was a wearable object, similar to the glove I’m plan on using, that coordinates the performers movements and visual displays their movement.  Through these displays, the performer is also able to see improvements that the cloths calculate you could make in order to add precision to the performers form.

All of these other projects are  interesting to me because they actively engage the viewer and force a gesture or movement of their body in order to create a sound.  This translation from a tactile sense to a auditory/visual sense is a theme I am looking for in my final project.



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