Technological Art/Design Inspiration_Epiphyte Chamber

Epiphyte Chamber

Epiphyte Chamber is an installation made by Philip Beesley an architect with help from engineers and designers in his team. This archipelago of interconnected mass mimics the human sensations through movement. When there is one or more people at the scene the installation starts moving, lighting and also send out scents when people are close enough so they could actually interact with this seemingly alien atmosphere.

Epiphyte Chamber

What I admired about it was the fact that it mimicked the movements of human body but at the same time it formed a totally different atmosphere. Even thou one part of the installation looked like the human movement, when all the installation was put together it formed rather an outer space alien-like atmosphere that made the audience forget about the human aspects of it. I like the fact that the artist was playing with this idea of galaxy, outer space and human movements.

It was work of a group of engineers, designers and architects were involved in it. They worked together since this installation required both artistic and engineering skills at the same time rather than separating into two parts. Through this cooperation and through the art work, I think that there are more possibilities of the technology and art combined together that can form unusual experience for people especially when it comes to indirect experience in the future.

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