Art and the API

If new post on Facebook then send me a text message

So I was trying to make the IFTTT app text message me when my brother posts something on my wall, or when he chats me on Facebook (because he uses Facebook chat instead of messaging) but I couldn’t find it or didn’t know how to set it up properly that I’ve been bombarded with messages that I had to turn it off for now. I think it would be great and efficient if one knew how to use it properly.

I think that the introducing the APIs made software and programs easier for the people who don’t have a lot of knowledge in the field. With many people using the API and experimenting with them I think they can use it to the full potential of it. Due to this fact I think that IFTTT is something that can expand the potential of the softwares and program. Since IFTTT allows the user to customise the program her or his own need and without the burden of programming it will bring more convenience and a chance to further use the full potential of the programs. The programs have been around for quite some times, but I think API will make it develop even more.

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