Technological Art That Inspired Me

Ian Clemmer developed his software, Superflow as a Bachelor Thesis in 2010. Superflow utilizes a system of pivot points and small unique position changes and rotational patterns to create an large range of shapes and movements.

Ian Clemmer uses his software to create visually stunning detail in the form of visual art choreographed with music. He’s made numerous videos showcasing the range in possibilities his software has.

What I find inspiring is that this program, though simple in concept, can create crazy complex visual images. The art is vivid in colors and stunning in acute details. Ian Clemmer, along with using superflow to create visual music art superflow is responsible for the commercial title sequences Clemmer has made for HBO.

Superflow is an awful name for this software though, all I think of is a new top rated maxipad commercial.


The software is described in this link (could be useful if you want to make some patterns and similar work)

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