Wall Drawing

So back in the 70s, Sol Lewitt took great pleasure in torturing gallery assistants by ordering them to make his art for him. Not only this, but Lewitt found it necessary to give his commands in the form of one unintelligible run-on sentence. In one such wall of text, Lewitt instructs the creation of a trapezoid which follows a very specific set of proportions, given in his signature unintelligible babbling style.

Needless to say, I executed his muddled and ill-conceived procedure flawlessly:

Sol Lewitt's Trapezoid Sol Lewitt’s Trapezoid

In order to understand Lewitt’s cryptic commands, I broke them down into mathematical equations, as seen below the drawing itself. I found this to be the most effective tactic for extracting useful properties of the trapezoid from sections of the sentence.

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