Drawing through process

Attempting to execute the  Sol Lewitt line drawing was almost as difficult as the whole elaborate instructions appeared, except not quite. Once I created a process in which I could tackle each point and then each line, I found that following the directions weren’t as hard as I initially anticipated it to be. I was able to do this by reformatting the way the directions were displayed. Where at first all the directions appeared in a mass of a paragraph, I separated each line from one point to the next and was able to follow the directions to a somewhat more manageable way.


Original text versus my reformating Original text versus my reformatting


Making the instructions more visually succinct really helped make the drawing process a lot more manageable. Even so, I’m not quite sure I succeeded in created the instructed trapezoid. Below is an image of my completed trapezoid.

My Trapezoid My Trapezoid

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