Blink Project

For this project I collaborated with Bo Ri Lee. Our concept was travel and communication. We had this idea, two really, of creating a air plane, since we’re both from foreign countries, that blinks every time there is a change in weather conditions in our respective countries. We used my IFTTT account and created an IFTTT recipe that was supposed to send a message to the blink usb (which we placed in an airplane as you’ll see down below), every time it was raining in Korea.


Well….that didn’t turn out as we’d planned. Though supposedly, the recipe did work, there seemed to be no weather changes over the span of time in which we conducted our project so instead we went with an earlier idea which essentially made the blink light up everytime I tweeted something. That worked, and we had better control of the timing of the blink-despite the lags which occurred in between tweets. With that, we kept that system and kept our original plane and documented it as seen below.


EMS II Blinks project from Elizabeth Agyemang on Vimeo.

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