blink(1): Deceleration


Nathalie and I have use the blink as a surrogate sun. Specifically, our use of the blink(1) deals with the rotational deceleration of the earth relative to the sun. Earth’s days get longer by a few milliseconds every century, and this piece is a forced reminder of this. The light inside the sphere undergoes day-night cycles, each longer than the last. If left running long enough, the cycles would begin to take longer than our current 24 hour cycle. It serves the owner as a simple reminder, left somewhere to tell of huge forces normally forgotten.


this .gif is a loop of the first few cycles. while this presents the light as green, the top image is more representative of the lights true colour.

This is the code that controls the light:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 20.01.29

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