Looking Outwards 3

Here are the three i found most interesting:

Generative ROCK AND ROLL

So, Erik Natzke is a generative artist that used code to create this video, set to a rock and roll tune, that regenerates then degenerates photographs into this glittering, flickering artwork. I like it because it sorta reminds me of pixelation as everything comes to focus and goes out of focus again with pixels, but in this case each piece that flickers is made of a texture made up of the image and in the end it looks really cool. Made for Hard Rock Cafes to display the video.



These are images computationally generated by mitchell whitelaw using a modified code by Murrey Eden’s 2D growth model. These images represent the global economy and predicted growth/decay/fluctuation in the economies from countries worldwide. I’m not sure how to read it but i’m sure others who are more adept at this can.



This artwork, made by the artist simply known as “LIA” was designed using a code for Processing and it inputs and manipulates the numbers given to it, in this case “18” and “5”. The result is then projected onto the side of a building, in this case, the VROM, parlement building for Dutch infrastructure. 

Her description: “The numbers 18 and 5 were given by the grid of the buildings projections surface and were implemented in the image generating code in various ways.”

I found it to be an exciting and lively design that also has a pleasant and simple color palette (red, white, black) with varying shapes, opacity and more.

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