IFTTT- Isabella

If my Alarm turns on, then my house phone receives a call.

I wanted to create a sort of disruption in my household, where my parents and siblings receive a reminder that I still exist, but in a form that brings them anxiety and worried thoughts. Considering I probably sleep much later than they do and they really want to forget this fact and believe that I sleep at the nice hour of 10 pm, every single time I decide to go to sleep and turn on my alarm, they are notified by two house phones ringing an 8-bit Liszt’s Liebestraum (yes, this is our home phone’s ringtone), echoing and disrupting their sleep.

I think IFTTT and API’s provide users with the means of customizing their networked experience, rather than to have a set experience that we must navigate through. But in addition to this, they allow the experience to transcend functionality and become conceptually driven as well, in reference to Thorp’s article. Campbell’s Formula for Computer Art is a means of showing the simplicity and straight-forwardness that might be assumed of Computer Art, but in this simplification he undermines any form of conceptual thinking, and brings this issue to light. Everything can fall under input and output, but what really allows a work to speak for itself, complex or not, is the critical thinking backing it.

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