Looking Outwards: Arduino


This is a project I love because of how playful and not electonic jello is
Paris artists Marianne Cauvard and Raphaël Pluvinage created Noisy Jello, which is a“noisy chemistry lab” kit that comes with jello and uses an arduino and max/msp to create different sounds based on the way the jello is touched or “played”.

Do We Have Milk? Weight sensor that texts you when you’re low on milk and shows you the nearest place to get it. This is a cute little versatile project that has a wide range of applications I think. Like lauren and Kyle’s PPLKPR automates your social life, I want this to send an order for milk totally automating your groceries as well.

This project is one that I would want to see in a larger instillation. It reminds me of installations in children’s museums but i like that it doesn’t rely on physical touch but instead the light on the sensor.

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