Inspirational Art/Design: “Wooden Mirrors” by Daniel Rozin (1999)

The “Mirror” projects by Daniel Rozin first caught my eye upon going to the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh for the first time. To see something as recognisable and personal to me as my reflection in such a rough form was incredible. Not being able to see any of the technology behind it, and seeing it interact so flawlessly with the crowd was even more interesting. While “Wooden Mirror” Was the version of the piece I saw, Rozin has created multiple different mechanical mirrors which range from actually reflective surfaces to simple gestural representations.

Rozin’s project has so many possibilities due to the fact that any type of material can be used for the surface of the mirror. Since the actual piece is made possible through computation and live gestures it can be ever-evolving without worry. On Daniel’s website, you can see many of his other “Mirror” works.

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