Assignment-02-A “Wall Drawing”

Looking at Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing for the first time is overwhelming. The excessive repetition coupled with the ambiguity of many of his statements makes it nearly impossible to understand at first glance. Immediately I realized that I would need to structure his instructions in a way which was easier for me to understand. I took to relabeling each individual instruction on a separate line and showing which lines relied on others like so:

Snap 2014-09-03 at 12.41.31

At this point, I noticed how code like this process was. Instruction – Evaluate – Instruction. Before I organized Lewitt’s instructions it was not very code-like because of it’s ambiguity. While there were some portions of the drawing which are still left to the imagination of the executor, after the organization it is much clearer as to how to go about the drawing.

My Interpretation of Lewitt’s instructions :


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