RGB Color Detecting Sensor

This sensor sends RGB values of the light it receives to it’s output wires. While the power of light on it’s own is a very useful measurement to have the type of light that is being input is even more powerful. While I am not exactly sure what I would want to do with this piece it definitely would not be difficult to map the red, green and blue values of light in a room to sound, other lights and power distributed to a room. This one stood out, from the other sensors but I’m not exactly sure why.


Electret Microphone Amiplifier


Electret Microphone

This amplifier is a great way to translate both direct and ambient sound into data which I can process with my arduino. I love sound and being able to couple sound with the portability and computational abilities of the arduino would be fantastic. I have a few ideas for projects which would involve analyzing the sounds I make on a normal basis (Whether that be with my voice or otherwise). In particular I would like to match audio levels to some kind of physical reaction on my body.

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