Technological art/design inspiration: Nevermind

Nevermind is a horror video game that, based on biofeedback and in-game choices made by the player, adapts to know not only what the player fears, but when they start to become afraid.

Using the Wii Vitality Sensor heart rate monitor, the game keeps track of when the player’s heart rate increases and becomes more difficult the more anxious or afraid the player becomes while playing. Additionally, it keeps track of in-game choices and dialogue options chosen by the player to identify each individual gamer’s fears and uses that data to more frequently impose the player’s fears upon them during the game.

What I love about this project is that it’s a distinct step closer to virtual reality/augmented reality in video games, which is something that’s been an idea on the table for a long time but has been difficult to implement realistically. The game treats the player as part of the story, allowing it to become a unique experience for each individual.

The game was initially created as an MFA thesis project at USC within their interactive media department. Because the game isn’t actually out yet, I’ve had some trouble finding out exactly how many people are involved, but the head of the team and creator of the project is a woman named Erin Reynolds.

more about the game:

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