IFTTT: Fred Bogo, Internet Consultant

The Recipe: When mail is received by a certain Gmail account, tweet the title of the email.
The Gmail account: The email address is submitted to the mailing lists of ad websites to receive spam.
The Twitter account: The account of a 34-year-old businessman obsessed with best offers, limited time events, and consumer surveys in which his opinion is highly valued.

Meet Fred Bogo here!

This was my attempt at using If This Then That in order to create an interesting character that exists on the internet and whose personality is generated by random input from the web. The API is the perfect medium to explore this idea because it enables the users to gather data from many places and feed it into a simple program. This process is described by Jim Campbell’s formula, which may be interpreted as a critique of computer art (suggesting art made with computers is formulaic or predictable). However, once the chaos of the real world is injected into the program, beautiful and unexpected things can happen.

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