Due 2-23

This is a “waypoint” assignment, on the way towards your Project 2 (Map / Environment / Landscape / Visualization).

For Tuesday, Feb 23rd, but preferably sooner, please:

  1. Read this 7-page article by Marian Doerk on Critical Infovis, which introduces some more helpful vocabulary for considering the politics of maps.
  2. Browse around through Radical Cartography, which contains many small, quickly executed, elegant and stimulating projects.
  3. Watch this 9-minute video about Trevor Paglen, who attempts to map the hidden landscape of our nation’s surveillance infrastructure.
  4. Watch a good portion (say, at least 15-20 minutes) of this enjoyable 40-minute lecture by Eric Fischer, who uses maps to understand how to make cities more walkable.
  5. Write a brief blog post describing a project proposal (or two) for Project 2, your Map/Environment/Landscape/Visualization project. Please include some images, references, and links. Categorize your blog post with the WordPress category, 02-Waypoint.
  6. If you know what you want to work on for the Map/Environment/Visualization/Landscape project, then by all means get started. Scrape, collect or otherwise obtain your data, start doing some tests, etcetera.