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Erica Lazrus

16 May 2016

The goal I had for this project was to try to better understand the social structure of the subjects that Teenie Harris photographed by determining how many photos any pair of subjects appeared in together. I wrote a Python script

Dan Moore

10 May 2016

For Golan’s large image database assignment I scrapped database of GML tags and generated several TSNE grids of the data.  First I generated all of the GML Tags as 256 by 256 pixel images and ran them through the …

Christopher Wei

04 May 2016

I chose as my large image database which provided data for around 4200 ecstasy pills and other recreational drugs, 3969 of which (at the time I scraped the website) had images associated with each entry.

After scraping all the …

Zachary Rispoli

29 Apr 2016

I t-SNEed the BodyParts3D 3D models that I was working with earlier to make the Post Human Bot.

Here’s an “x-ray” I made from a t-SNE grid of bones:

And here are some renders of the bones t-SNEed to …

Shouvik Mani

11 Apr 2016

Skyscrapercity Building Image Classification

I built a program that scrapes images of under-construction buildings from Skyscrapercity and uses machine learning to classify them as night/day images and skyline/individual images. It is my first personal machine learning project, and I’m amazed …

Safinah Ali

07 Apr 2016

Growing album is a video of 11k album covers growing in saturation and complexity. The idea is to show a ‘growth pattern’ of sorts in album cover design.

The image visualization project was a series of trials and errors for

Kevin Karol

07 Apr 2016

7 Years of CMU School of Drama


For my visualizations, I decided to create a set of small multiples comparing productions in CMU’s School of Drama.  17,000 images were scrapped from the School of Drama’s private flickr account, which after …